p4delta - summarizes Perforce changes
1.3.2 Released
Tuesday, 02 September 2003 Version 1.3.2 has been released. This version includes improved handling for when the Perforce environment is not correctly set up.

p4delta summarizes the difference between a Perforce depot/repository project and its local version. It detects files that have been added and removed, and of existing files it counts the number of lines that have been added, deleted, and changed. It filters project changes by using .p4ignore files, both system-wide and locally. A .p4ignore file contains names and patterns of files and directories that are to be excluded from Perforce, in the same way as .cvsignore files work for CVS. See here for more information about this concept.

An example .p4ignore file:


Via the --execute option, p4delta can also perform the related operations with Perforce, that is, it can add, edit and remove the appropriate files. Again, .p4ignore files are honored. Thus, "p4delta --execute" will add all new files to the Perforce depot/repository.


This example just happens to be against the p4delta project itself.

total    added    changed  deleted  file
=======  =======  =======  =======  ====================
    208      208        0        0  + incava.css
    176      176        0        0  + index.php
      2        2        0        0  * p4delta
    230      230        0        0  + p4delta.1
     30       30        0        0  + p4delta.css
    136      136        0        0  + p4delta.html
    112      112        0        0  + p4delta.pod
     32       32        0        0  + p4delta.spec
-------  -------  -------  -------  --------------------
    926      926        0        0  Total


The man page, as HTML, may be viewed here.


Feedback is very appreciated.

Bug reports and feature requests should be submitted via the project page at SourceForge.

email: Jeff Pace.

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A similar program for CVS exists here.